Tenant Application



The following must be met to qualify to lease a home from Mackenzie Allen: 


1) There is a $35 application fee that must be paid
2) At least 2 months' of verifiable income by pay stubs. Also, child support, SSI, etc., are all considered, and this can be award letters, judgements, etc. When clicking the button below, you'll be taken to APPFOLIO - our software system that will collect your data and send to us. If for any reason these items arent abel to be sent, they can be texted or emailed to [email protected]. You can text any information to 317.372.9784

3) A clean background history. That means NO evictions, NO criminal history, NO drugs. If you believe you should still qualify even though these may apply to you, such as age of conviction or eviction, please call us.

4) Affordability - a tenant must be able to afford a rent payment to our standards. Our affordability range is typically 3x-4x the monthly rent amount, and this is what we like to see in HOUSEHOLD TAKE HOME pay. This means that your entire household's income can be put towards rent, after taxes and other deductions, and it must be 3 to 4 times the monthly rent amount. (EXAMPLE: A $1000/mo rental would need tenants that together (or separately) make approximately $3000-$4000 a month in take home pay).
Your application will not be processed without all information sent in. If you would like to confirm receipt of documentation, text your name and a valid email to 317.372.9784