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We offer a range of services that can fit your needs as a seller


1. CMA - Comparative market analysis

We don't just throw your house on the MLS and hope something sticks. We make sure to do our due diligence and show you what homes similar to yours are selling for. Our best way to do this is a $/Sq Ft scan of the neighborhood and compare it to your home' s own square footage. Within reason, we can give a suggestion not only what to list for to have the highest chance of getting the most money out of your home, but we ca 

2. the listing process

After establishing the price, and signing contracts, is your home ready to market? Clean and tidy go a long way. Decluttering and any other HGTV trick you've ever heard of are a must when placing your home on the market. Pre-listing inspections are also recommended because although it's easy to high-five after receiving and accepting an offer, the inspection process is typically the single most stressful part of selling a home. However, we have relationships with contractors and vendors that make this part as easy as possible, especially for those that might be unable to make repairs (or unwilling - who wants to spend $4,000 on a deal that isn't even 100% closed?). 

3. Inspections

Almost every transaction will have a an inspection. Pre-listing inspections can be helpful, so you as a seller will know what to expect and we've discussed how to appropriately handle any items, big or small. Our relationships with our contractors allow us to often times

4. Appraisal

5. Closing & Possession